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Bespoke Solutions

ultrasonic food cutting machineultrasonic food cuttingultrasonic food cutter
picking and placing systems
our combined cutting and picking systems
multi-robots for fast, high volume portioning

Enhanced automation solutions for custom cutting, handling and packing applications

High volume ultrasonic food cutting processes, special product requirements, labour–intensive packing… any or all of these can feature in the brief for an automation project for Newtech. That’s why we can offer solutions unique to your requirements.

If our standard cutting machines are not what you are after, our team of experienced engineers can help to design a new system tailored to match your business needs.

Other than cutting machines, we offer other types of machines which are summarised below.


ultrasonic food cutter
robotic cutting

High volume or challenging cutting requires specialist attention. That’s why we offer multi-robot systems using the full range of robot motion which isn’t available through conventional ‘hard’ automation. Do you have a unique project?? Contact us to discuss a customised solution for your business.

ultrasonic food cutting
pick and place

A range of products can be catered for by using a delta or 6 axis robot. We’ve harnessed the latest available end-effect or technology to handle the most awkward products. Grippers are specially designed to guarantee the maximum throughput and minimum waste.

ultrasonic food cutting machine

Manual depositing of products can be labour-intensive with poor repeatability and quality. Using an industrial robot eliminates these drawbacks and can revolutionise process such as cake decoration. When combined with pick and place robotics, multi-product decoration can be achieved.

ultrasonic food cutting machinery
line automation

Increasingly we are asked to offer a combination of our core customised packages, often integrated with equipment such as product conveyors. We can work with you to establish line layouts, performance criteria and identify best process flow – all culminating in a turnkey solution for your business.

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