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Need fast portioning with the ultimate in flexibility? Consider our robotic machines.
Looking for low volumes with no compromise on quality? Our eco and pro ranges fit the bill.
Having trouble cutting tricky products? Ultrasonic technology could be the answer.
Specialist machines for fixed weight cheese cutting with quick payback.

Cost-effective, proven technology

We have developed a range of standard machines which provide today’s food manufacturers with cost-effective, high quality cooking automation systems, and with top performance that offers the flexibility to meet ever changing market demands.

Our range of machines use ultrasonic and conventional blade technology to ensure the best possible results in cutting and portioning for a wide range of food products. The power of ultrasonics will give you the best-available cut quality for products which are difficult to process using conventional methods - guaranteeing you improved quality as soon as your machine is installed.  

Not sure which of our standard machines is right for you? Find out more by downloading our information pack: here


Eco Ultrasonic Slicing Machinery
  • Entry level automation
  • Conventional or ultrasonic
  • Benchtop model available
  • High build quality
  • Rotary or linear products
  • Ideal for bakery and cheese
Pro Ultrasonic Commercial Food Slicer Machines
  • Conventional or ultrasonic
  • Automated and configurable
  • Fixed weight cheese cutting
  • Multi-axis slab cutting
  • Rotary and linear products
  • Ideal for bakery and cheese
Auto Industrial Food Slicer Machines
  • In-line processing
  • Automated and configurable
  • Fixed weight cheese cutting
  • Rotary and linear products
  • Extruded product option
  • Block cutting option
Robo Ultrasonic Slicing Systems
  • Ultimate in flexibility
  • High speed ultrasonic blade
  • Compact or in-line versions
  • Multi-product platform
  • Extruded product option
  • Intelligent vision option

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