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pro range: higher level machines

Fast and effective portioning machines with professional results.

The entry level pro range of ultrasonic cutting machine is ideal for portioning round and square products in the bakery and cheese industry. In contrast to the eco-range it features a servo controlled head for highly accurate cutting control.

Within the pro-range, there is a choice of proMATIC and proSONIC models:

ultrsonic cutting

  • The proMATIC model option is particularly suitable for the portioning of frozen round products such as gateaux or cheesecake, or products that can be cut without the need for ultrasonic technology.
  • The proSONIC model option has all the benefits of ultrasonic cutting technology, which means that challenging products such as cake and cheese can be portioned with a very clean cut face and with very little blade cleaning required.

Designed to meet high hygiene standards, food-safe materials and stainless steel are used throughout. Polycarbonate panels ensure safety and acoustic standards are met. The equipment is ideal for medium output operations which demand a configurable and easy-to-use machine.

Ultrasonic or conventional cutting technology to suit your product.


A quick guide to cutting your products… find out more here


  • Rotary configuration for round products
  • Carrier boards supports product through cutting process
  • Optimum portion size control
  • Manual board rotation


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  • Linear configuration for block/flat products
  • Carrier boards fixes product positioning
  • Capable of cutting multiple products
  • Boosts productivity
  • Manual board rotation


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  • Designed for fixed-weight portioning of cheese
  • Integrated weigh-scale
  • Pre-weighs round cheese
  • Optimum portioning
  • Maximise yield and minimise giveaway
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