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robo range: robotic systems

automated robotic cutter

The ultimate cutting solution for flexibility and performance.

The robo range features highly flexible, in-line robotic cutting machines incorporating ultrasonic cutting technology. Typically equipped with an ABB industrial 6-axis robot together with a

comprehensive operator interface, the machines provide the ultimate solution for cutting a wide range of products.


The power of industrial robots coupled with ultrasonic technology.


A quick guide to cutting your products… find out more here


Robotic Handling Food Machinery
  • Compact cutting machine
  • Flexible to cut a wide range of products
  • Suitable for portioning tray-bakes, round and slab food products
  • Small footprint
  • Fast portioning



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Robotic Handling Food Machinery
  • In-line version of roboSONIC-C
  • Features a through conveyor
  • Suits many customers’ process flows
  • Improves throughput
  • Small footprint
  • Highly flexible
  • Scalable solution by use of multiple robots and blades
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Robotic Handling Food Machine
  • Eliminates need for product positioning
  • Motion controller moves cutting head to exact cut position whilst product is moving
  • Excellent for products where high output and flexibility are essential
  • E.g. sandwiches and wraps


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Robotic Handling Food Machines
  • Primarily intended for extruded products that need to be sliced and separated
  • Accurate portioning
  • Ability to cut extruded products without stopping extrusion pumping process
  • Well suited for fixed-weight cutting of extruded cheese
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Robotic Handling Food Machine
  • Twin robot system
  • Superior quality cut
  • Potential product yield improvements
  • Flexibility to cut large range of different products
  • Fully programmable and configurable for a variety of portion options
  • Low maintenance

Food Industry Applications

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