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Bakery Cutting, Slicing and Portioning Solutions

Our machinery is ideal for cutting both sweet & savoury bakery products from pies, quiches and pizzas through to cakes, pastries, confectionary and traditional tray bake products such as brownies & flapjacks. Products can be cut at a wide range of temperatures from frozen to Chilled to ambient – all with excellent cut quality and repeatability.

We specialise in combining Ultrasonics & 6 Axis Robots to give our clients the ultimate flexibility, quality & efficiency that is required to meet the ever changing market demands.

  • Off the shelf & bespoke solutions based on YOUR current & FUTURE needs
  • Complete Support & Training Package – both remotely & onsite
  • Streamlined ‘Plug & Go’ solutions which can handshake with existing equipment

Speak to us about your requirements – please contact us or telephone +44 (0)1234 783680.

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See Ultrasonic Bakery Cutting In Action

Why choose one of our machines

  • High speed, high quality precision cutting
  • Fully programmable & configurable enabling you to cut a variety of products & portion options with just one machine
  • Ability to cut products at various temperatures – frozen / chilled / ambient
  • Perfect for delicate, soft or crumbly products that ordinarily suffer yield loss
  • Optimum portion control – maximum yield
  • High accuracy & repeatability
  • Potential for yield improvements
  • Easy to clean – designed with hygiene in mind
  • User friendly, easy to operate solutions

Speak to us about your requirements – please contact us or telephone +44 (0)1234 783680.


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