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Cheese Cutting

Ultrasonic cheese portioning – let us show you the benefits

  • Superior ultrasonic cut
  • Optimum portion control
  • Minimum giveaway
  • Maximum yield
  • Pre-weigh system manages weight variation
  • Post-cut checkweigher option
  • Rotary & linear models available
  • Labour saving

Our ultrasonic cheese portioning machines are designed for all shapes, including round, wheel, block and extruded varieties – and for a range of cheese textures. Over the years, we’ve trialed just about every cheese type available and found the perfect solution.

The immediate benefit you will see is quality of cut, whereas portion weight control is easily achieved through a combination of highly accurate blade control, product and handling and weighing and scanning technology. You will also benefit from increased throughput, less handling, less giveaway, and important labour savings.

And remember – as well as our standard machine range, we can offer you custom solutions for cutting, picking and packing to improve every aspect of your current operation.

Achieve your high yield and low giveaway targets with precision automation


See Ultrasonic Cheese Cutting In Action

Commercial Cheese Cutter
Round Cheese

From soft brie to a large wheel cheese, there is an ultrasonic cheese slicing machine in our range which will do the job. For fixed-portion cutting, look no further than our standard ecoSONIC or proSONIC range of rotary machine. If you need accurate fixed-weight cutter with pre-weigh and product stabilization, then we have the perfect solution with our proSONIC-F or autoSONIC-F machines.

Commercial Cheese Slicer
Block Cheese

Simple batch portioning into small blocks or slices can be easily handled by our ecoSONIC or proSONIC linear machines. For fixed weight block cutting, we have developed the autoSONIC-T which offers the ability to cut blocks of pre-weighed product with stabilization and portion separation, often enhanced with a robot offering all-in-one automation solution.

Ultrasonic Cheese Cutting - Extruded Cheese
Extruded Cheese

Our autoSONIC-E and roboSONIC-E machines are specifically designed for extruded products. They both offer all the benefits of ultrasonic cheese cutting technology, together with high precision automation and weight feedback. The result? Ability to cut a wide range of extruded cheese accurately with near maximum yield and giveaway of less than 1%.

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