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Processed & Meats

Making things easy for you with our range of pate and processed meat slicers


  • Superior ultrasonic cut
  • Optimum portion control
  • Minimum giveaway
  • Maximum yield
  • Pre-weigh system manages weight variation
  • Post-cut checkweigher option
  • Rotary & linear models available
  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Labour saving

Our commercial meat slicer equipment is designed to make light work of your cooked meats and pate.

The immediate benefit you will see is quality of cut – particularly in the case of pate, where the product contains additional content such as nuts or fruit. Portion weight control is easily achieved, as is the implementation of different portioning programs according to different product types.

With cutting speed of up to 120 portions per minute, and with slice thickness accuracy down to 0.1mm, you will also benefit from increased throughput, less handling, less giveaway and important labour savings. Your meat or pate can also be stacked and shingled to reduce manual intervention even further and aid your packing process. And with our speed control and weigher feedback technology, you can expect portioning within 1% of your target weight – consistently.

 Clean effective portioning when cut quality and portion size really count

See Ultrasonic Pate Cutting In Action

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Commercial Meat Slicer
Pate & Terrine

Logs of pate and terrines present several challenges for conventional slicers – for example, product texture and a wide range of ingredients. Factor in the need for a perfectly presented sliced product and the need for ultrasonic portioning becomes obvious. We’ve developed our autoSONIC-T machine to handle pate loaves or logs – in multiples if necessary – and cut perfectly slices, ready separated out for packing.

Industrial Meat Slicers
Cooked Meats

Whereas protein and meats with high fat and sinew content don’t lend themselves well to the ultrasonic cutting process, processed meats and certain cooked meats – for example chicken breasts or fillets – produce great results when cut with our machine. Typical solutions are provided by our pro and auto range of linear machines which can cut in multiples and separate out portions ready for packing.

Commercial Meat Slicer
PIzzas, Pies & Quiche

Savoury products are increasing sold ready-portioned to meet the demands of today’s competitive marketplace. Whether it’s round or square pizza, meat pies, or quiches with a vast range of ingredients, we have machines which can produce perfectly sliced portions using our ultrasonic technology. Look no further than our pro, auto or robo range to achieve the best possible results guaranteeing the best possible results.

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