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Food to go

Flexible and intelligent portioning in a rapidly changing marketplace


  • Superior ultrasonic cut
  • Optimum portion control
  • Minimum giveaway
  • Maximum yield
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Powerful vision technology for product identification
  • Hygienic, low maintenance and easy to clean

Chilled food-to-go has become more popular year-on-year, and so has the demand for quality portioning of products like sandwiches, wraps and sushi.

The sandwich industry is still evolving rapidly, with new products, formats and ingredients, and we’ve developed an automated sandwich cutter solution which gives the manufacturer a very high degree of flexibility on one machine. Our intelligent robotic cutter integrates advanced motion control, ultrasonics and vision technology, provides the latest in cutting sandwiches and wraps ‘on-the-fly’ with high accuracy and speed. The system is able to recognise the exact position of the products on the conveyor – regardless of orientation – and communicates this information to the motion control system. This allows the cutting blade to be positioned accurately and a perfect cut to be achieved – all without stopping the conveyor.

One machine for multiple portioning requirements – future proof your process

Commercial Sandwich Cutter

Our intelligent cutter for the sandwich market is the roboSONIC-V. The system eliminates costly ‘offcuts’ – where sandwiches are not cut perfectly and so cannot be packed for sale. In addition, because the sandwich does not have to be manually aligned to the correct position before cutting.

Commercial Sandwich Slicer

Wraps feature prominently in the food to go market and, like sandwiches, demand high quality accurate portioning. All the benefits of the roboSONIC-V slicer apply equally to wraps as they do to sandwiches; single, variable angle as well as multi-cut processes are made easy by our intelligent robotic slicer.

Commercial Sushi Cutter

Another product with ever-increasingly popularity and one for which we have developed top-quality cutting solutions. Using our roboSONIC range, or auto range  for simple slicing – and a high frequency ultrasonic set up – our systems make light work of the challenging ingredients such as fish, rice and nori.

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