Our customers successfully use our ultrasonic machinery for a large variety of foodstuffs. However, if our machinery is not currently used for your food product, this does not mean that you cannot harness the huge power of ultrasonics within your business.

We can conduct trials to see how well our existing machines can work for your purposes, and if it turns out that a bespoke solution is required then we can work with you to create a tailored system. In fact, we did just that for James Middleton when he approached us to discuss cutting solutions for his marshmallow business – watch the below video by robot manufacturer ABB to see this machine in action.

The AutoSONIC Inline Slicer is a bespoke solution we created for the portioning of log type products – and in the case of this particular customer in Australia, banana bread loaves, achieving 257 portions per minute.

The system features two cells: A product separator and transfer system, and a slicing machine which houses three ultrasonic cutting heads. Each cutting head is capable of cutting two 100mm wide loaves placed side by side. This configuration was necessary for the capacity required.

It’s not only the cutting of food that we can help with, we excel at automation in general. Here’s a short video of our bespoke doughball injection unit. The machine collates doughballs into a pocketed conveyor belt ready for the injection of garlic butter. Once the injection process is completed the doughballs are deposited into trays for further processing.

This is a perfect example of how automation can help streamline your production line, saving time, labour resources and money.

Below is an example of another bespoke solution we have provided which includes weighing, scanning, portioning and pick and place technology for the processing of brie ready for packing further down the line. This machine processes 80 portions a minute, 3 shifts a day, 7 days a week.

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