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Bakery slicing – the trend continues

There has been an upwards trend towards pre-portioning of bakery products for quite a while now – consumer demands have made manufacturers think hard about their marketing, retail strategy and product packaging. We are now seeing increasing numbers of single or small quantity sliced […]

Ultrasonic cheese cutting – ultrasonics and robotics combined

Increasingly, cheese producers – or cutters and packers – are looking to reduce costs in an increasingly competitive market. What are the key target areas? Principally , we are talking about yield, giveaway, increased quality of cut product, output and less labour utilisation. Here […]

Fancy cakes & cutting…

The recession has hit most of us in some way over the last few years, but there is one facet of modern living which remains a constant whatever the financial climate – people love cake, and value it even more when times are tough! […]

The Stuttgart Experience

With the UK exhibition culture facing challenging times, Team Newtech went on the road to Suedback in Stuttgart to find out whether the big German shows still pay dividends for machine builders. So.. How did we get on? Stuttgart is a pretty big show […]

Pate slicing… perfect for ultrasonics!

Whilst cutting raw meat doesn’t readily lend itself to ultrasonic cutting, this is not the case with pate cutting. Due to its soft, delicate and typically sticky composition, conventional blades produce poor results – poor cut face and a lot of blade residue will […]

Know your product & how to cut it…

As a leading supplier of slicing systems to the food industry, you’d expect us to extol the virtues of ultrasonic cutting technology over conventional slicing systems. But what guidance can you expect to achieve from suppliers on now to successfully cut your product? Here’s […]

The key to future-proofing your business?

Food manufacturers are always looking to maximise their investment – getting the most out of your automated machinery has never been more important, as short production runs, ever-shorter contracts and new product development all become increasingly prevalent. So what do we mean by flexible […]

Is automation right for you?

Is automation right for you? Historically the benefits have not been widely appreciated by the food processing sector, compared to other manufacturing industries. Reasons often cited are a lack of in-house engineering expertise, short productions runs and regular product changeovers, and the volatility of […]

Newtech & Bedford Blues

As a proud sponsor of Bedford Blues rugby, we are always looking for that little bit of extra exposure at home games. Check out this huge tackle from Northampton Saints’ Courtney Lawes at Goldington Road last Friday. We can only hope that of the […]

10 Reasons you should invest in robots!

Robots have been proven to deliver a host of benefits in a wide variety of applications. Manufacturers introducing robots to their production processes have typically seen a significant transformation in their productivity and efficiency. The International Federation of Robotics recently undertook a survey that […]