AutoSONIC Inline RS

The highly flexible autoSONIC Inline RS is a conveyor-based, ultrasonic cutting machine designed to portion round and stick cheese.

The machine, which incorporates a servo-driven rotary axis and cutting head, can be integrated into an existing line or be used as a standalone solution. There are a range of blade size options available, as well as easy-to-edit programs, meaning that this user-friendly machine can be adapted to meet your exact requirements. 3D vision and head change over can be purchased as optional extras, further streamlining the cutting process.

autoSONIC Inline RS


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autoSONIC-Inline RS 1

The autoSONIC-Inline RS is a highly flexible, in-line cutting machine incorporating ultrasonic cutting technology. It is designed to portion round and stick cheese. As a conveyor-based machine, it can be integrated into an existing line or used as a stand-alone solution.

Key features

  • Designed for round and stick cheese
  • Servo driven rotary axis and cutting head
  • Operated via full Colour touch screen with user friendly interface and easy-to-edit programs
  • 3 user log in levels – Operator, Supervisor and Engineer
  • 20kHz ultrasonic titanium blade
  • Remote access capability
autoSONIC-Inline RS 2

Services required

  • 3 phase electrical supply 400VAC(3PH+N+E) \ 50Hz \ 16A
  • 6 bar Air
  • Ethernet Connection for Remote Access

Additional features

  • Integrated with Weigh Scale – allowing individual products to be weighed prior to processing
  • Servo driven centralising guides to position and hold round products during the cutting process
  • Fixed portion and fixed weight operating modes
  • Fully Stainless Steel construction & food grade plastics
  • Quick-release conveyor belt for ease of removal
  • Range of blade size options to suit your application
  • 3D Vision available as an optional extra

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To speak to a member of our team about the AutoSONIC Inline RS, or to arrange a trial, please contact us today. You can also download our data sheet for a more in-depth look at this solution.

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