Automating brie production in France

We’ve recently completed a major project for a European cheese maker which really has encapsulated our product offerings in one integrated system. Using in-line weighing, vision technology, ultrasonic cutting and robotic systems, we’ve developed an intelligent facility that can maximise yield and minimise giveaway for each individual brie that the customer produces.

Brie is inherently a non-uniform product which can vary in shape and size through the cheese making process. This means that conventional cutting processes, typically using wire cutting, cannot provide the flexibility to cope with variations in the un-cut product. The intelligent system takes weight and profile data of each brie and gets the best possible results. Robotically controlled cutting, with all the benefits of ultrasonic technology, gives great quality and accuracy; robotic portion picking further enhances the process, providing labour saving, no manual handling, and optimum throughput.

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