Fancy cakes & cutting…

The recession has hit most of us in some way over the last few years, but there is one facet of modern living which remains a constant whatever the financial climate – people love cake, and value it even more when times are tough! There is strong evidence to suggest that the consumer tastes lean towards cake and sweet treats to make those challenging times a little more bearable, and this is backed up by some of the innovative product developments being launched by many oft the big manufacturers – all keen to gain a foothold in this ever- competitive market.

With respect to cutting technology, we are seeing a growing trend towards speciality shapes cut from products like high quality cheesecake and filled and topped sponges – to make that buying and eating experience that little bit special. Imagine a heart-shaped chocolate cheesecake and you get the picture.

Traditionally there are two main methods to more complex shapes through cutting – stamping technology, which relatively primitive, and water-jet cutting, which can be expensive. However, like any good and innovative machine builder, we’ve identified a simple and straightforward alternative. By mounting a special sabre-type ultrasonic blade to a 6 axis robot, we’ve developed a flexible and easily programmed alternative to other technologies ; and, what’s more, it is available on both our roboSONIC-C compact and roboSONIC-I inline robotic ultrasonic slicers. And the good news is that the blade can be used to cut in straight lines too – which means that the technology truly does replicate the human cutting with a blade. But – of course – you’ll get all the benefits associated with robotic technology such as repeatability,reliability, safety and cost reductions.


heart shaped cake
commercial cake slicer

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